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Tidy Up

Post by mcmahos » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:25 am

Hi all

Sorry for the lack of postings from me over the past while - simply too busy on other activities at present. But I am keeping an eye on things in the background etc., and authenticating new users. However, I'm aiming to do some tidying up of the forum soon, and pruning out 'members' who have registered but have never logged in to the site - that's over 250 people at present. If you've made a posting or just logged in over the past year, you've nothing to worry about! I might look at a few of the seldom-used forums as well.

My thanks to all the contributors that do make postings - it is appreciated.

The main website is also badly in need of an upgrade, but that's going to be a bigger challenge that will involve a bit of a redesign - won't be happening soon though!

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Re: Tidy Up

Post by clydesider » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:28 pm

Stuart, you may recall we exchanged emails in October/November 2014 regarding the fact I have two usernames on the site – arthursales – when I first joined in July 2010 and was using my pc at work and – clydesider – after I retired in September 2011 and purchased my own laptop.

I know you were going to look into whether it was possible to remove the arthursales username and move the posts to my clydesider username, or vice versa, so this might now be the opperchancity as they say.
Arthur Sales

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